Coquette offers product sizes as is and does not offer an altering service.

As we stock our products from a range of suppliers and brands we are unfamiliar with whether certain products would be suitable for alterations, we advise our customers to seek expert opinion from a skilled tailor or dressmaker for information in this area.

Please be advised that we do not accept garments which have been physically altered in any way, all returns must meet all the conditions of our Returns Policy here to be accepted by our Returns Department.

We reserve the right to cancel any order if we are unable to provide the requested product. In these rare instances, you’ll be contacted immediately and given a full refund.

Different computers have different screen resolutions so it’s possible the colors, particularly neon tones, will be slightly different in real life from what you see on your screen. That said, we try very hard to represent the garments perfectly when taking photos. We emphasize any special features and try to actively show how the fabric sits and moves.

Please note that loose or excess threads and irregular prints are not considered faults as these are often natural results of the manufacturing process. Please read the description of each item carefully before purchasing.

Coquette releases NEW styles every Sunday so be sure to keep an eye out (or bookmark) our New Arrivals page here every week for our newest additions.

A pre-order item is an item that Coquette will be selling in the future but we haven't got the stock in our warehouse just yet.

Our customers can reserve the pre-order item in advance by ordering it so that they can receive it once the stock has arrived at Coquette.

You can usually check the estimated arrival dates (ETA) on the product page. Please note that this is an estimate only and we can't guarantee that it will arrive exactly on that date. The ETA is subject to change if the stock delivery is delayed by our supplier.

If you order a pre-order item with other products in the same order, the entire order will be placed on hold and will be shipped out together at the same time when the pre-order item arrives.

If you’re looking to purchase an item for an event coming up, we would suggest that you order an item that is already in stock to avoid disappointment in case the delivery is delayed by our supplier.

Changes in our inventory levels are automatically reflected on our website and this includes items that have been returned to us from our customers so you may have received an e-mail notifying that it's been restocked, however, it does not necessarily mean that we have restocked the item in all sizes.

It is possible that the item in the size that you wanted was restocked, for example, 1 was returned so 1 is available for purchase on our site, and it may have already been bought by someone else on the same restock mailing list before you were able to buy it so it shows that it's out of stock when you visit the page later.

If you see an item that is clearly in stock on the product page but you can’t add it to your cart contact us right away at and we’ll help as best we can.

We restock our items on a regular basis but this depends on the availability from our suppliers, therefore, we cannot give you an exact answer as to when and whether we will restock certain items.

We suggest subscribing to the item you’re after to be notified when your item or size comes back in stock. Remember to act quick when you get the email because everyone else on the notification list also gets the email!

If you’re looking to purchase the product for an upcoming event, we suggest that you look for an alternative to avoid disappointment.

In certain instances, we may be able to provide you with a restock date so if you’re particularly smitten with an item, email us at and we’ll help as best we can.

We know it can be quite tough shopping online, particularly when it comes to sizing. You can find sizing information on each product page as well as our main size guide here.

We also suggest comparing your size to our models for an idea of the size and fit of our products by visiting the model information page here.

If you have further questions about the sizing of a particular garment, email us at

Our products are based on US sizing and we mainly stock sizes XS to L.

We try to stock our clothing to accommodate all sizes but a lot of the time it depends on supplier availability and the design of the products.

If you really like an item but aren’t ready to buy quite yet, please create an account and set up your own wishlist. This will let you keep track of your favorite Coquette products.

Please note this does not save or hold the items and they are still subject to being sold out before you purchase them.